We offer personalised holistic care:

Children's Health and Immunisations
Men's Health
Women's Health -
 Antenatal shared care
 Post partum care
 Family Planning
 Menopause Management
 Pap Smears
Fracture Management/Sports Medicine
ECG, ABPI, Spirometry and INR
Wound Management
Diabetes Management and Monitoring
GP management plans
Health Assessments
Preventative Health
Mental Health Consultations
Skin Checks with minor surgery
Travel Health Advice
Employment and Insurance Medicals
Nursing Home and Home Visits

Visiting Professionals -
 Dietitian: Alicia La Brooy
 Audiology: Basic Hearing Tests, Australian Hearing
 Geriatrician: Dr Muhammad Choudhry
 Echocardiograms: Canberra Heart Clinic